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greg hillman energy industry expert and vp at dw energy group

Greg Hillman has nearly 4 decades in the Energy Industry & currently is working with partners as VP at DW Energy Group.

I am your trusted resource for qualified oil and gas investing in the energy industry.
Having spent almost 4 decades representing individual private equity partners, family offices and private partner groups, I’ve assisted partners to discover and produce more than 15 million barrels of oil and 500 billion cubic feet of natural gas.


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Smart reasons to invest in oil, natural gas, and minerals.

Energy Security

Investing in oil and gas provides access to essential high demand energy resources, ensuring stability and security in the energy sector and our country.

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Portfolio Diversification

Oil and gas investments offer diversification benefits by adding an alternative asset class that has historically shown low correlation with traditional stocks and bonds.

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Inflation Hedge

Oil and gas investments can act as a hedge against inflation as energy prices often rise during periods of inflation, potentially preserving the value of the investment. Hard assets such as oil, metals and others fight the ravages of inflation on your portfolio.

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Income Generation

Many oil and gas investments  can provide monthly income streams through monthly distributions, offering potential cash flow opportunities for investors for several  years.

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Tax Advantages

High Net worth individuals are drawn to oil and gas investments because they offer some of the most powerful tax advantages such as high 1st year deductions for intangible drilling costs, depletion allowances, which creates partial tax free income.

More on Tax Advantages

Potential Capital Appreciation

Successful oil and gas investments can yield significant capital appreciation as the value of reserves and production increases over time.

Current Projects

Global Demand

Oil and gas investments tap into the global demand for energy, such as China and other economies, allowing investors to benefit from the ongoing critical need for these resources across various industries and regions.

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Technological Innovation

Investing in oil and gas provides opportunities to support and benefit from technological advancements in exploration, extraction, and production techniques.

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Risk Mitigation Strategies

Oil and gas investments often employ risk management strategies such as multiple  well programs for diversity, risk reduction  and price hedging on the commodity to minimize exposure to price fluctuations .market volatility and investment returns.

Environmental Responsibility

Some oil and gas investments focus on environmentally responsible practices, including clean energy initiatives or carbon capture technologies, contributing to sustainable and responsible investment portfolios.

greg hillman

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