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Current Oklahoma Partnerships:



Six wells in a prime locations drilled by Continental, EOG and Paloma:

The Oklahoma #38, preparing to drill six wells targeting the Woodford and Mississippian formations of the Oklahoma SCOOP play:


  • The Oklahoma SCOOP is among the most active and productive oil and gas plays in North America
  • Continental, EOG and Paloma are among the largest and dependable Oklahoma operators
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The Play: Oklahoma Scoop

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Among the most attractive resevoir fundamentals in Oklahoma

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The Oklahoma SCOOP (“South Central Oklahoma Oil Province”) play is characterized by multiple, stacked geological benches including the Woordfors and Mississippian.

  • SCOOP wells have among the best single well economics in North America due to outstanding production rates and proximity to crude oil and natural gas demand centers
  • Low Gas-to-Oil rations and high % liquids content

Operators are manufacturing existing acreage, rather than expanding it, to recover as much oil-in-place as possible:

  • 26 horizontal rigs are currently running the SCOOP of Oklahoma of which are by top-tier operators like Continental, Citizen, EOG, and Paloma


  • The Woodford petroleum system is continuous from north to south throughout the SCOOP play
  • It is a proven highly productive bench with well-known geology that has been materiallt de-risked in the area
  • Woodford condesate wells contain highly liquids rich gas that can significantly improve single well economics


  • The SCOOP Mississippian formation is an oil-rich reservoir located above the Woodbine formation
  • Oklahoma operators are delineating the boundaries of the Mississippian formation while simultaneously shifting to development infill drilling in core areas
  • Wells in the overpressured Mississippian window generally have low water and lower costs associated with water disposal

The Wells: 6 Wells with Continental, Paloma & EOG

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High-Return Premium Play in the Oklahoma Scoop

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 Six horizontal wells testing the Woodford and Mississippian formations of the Oklahoma SCOOP Play:

  • Typical SCOOP Woodford oil wells are exceeding the 1,694 MBOE type curve
  • Industry SCOOP Mississippian are exceeding the 1,000 MBOE EUR Curve Type with 70% oil content (10,000′ lateral)
  • Multiple stacked geologic horizons make this play primed for 2-3 mile laterals
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A strong combination of investment advantages

Direct participation in oil and gas exploration is a tax-advantaged investment that can provide attractive long-term results while complementing a qualified and sophisticated investor’s existing portfolio.


Oil and gas investment tax preferences are among the best of any asset class – investing in real estate, stocks, and bonds simply do not provide the special and considerable tax advantages associated with direct investing in oil and gas exploration.


Intangible Drilling Costs (IDC) and other first year expenses could comprise up to 90% of a qualified investor’s investment. For qualified investors, these expenses may be fully tax deductible in the year incurred.


Intangible Up to 15% of a well’s gross annual production may be tax free in perpetuity.


While oil and gas tax write-offs are great, DW focuses on financing projects that have the highest potential to deliver excellent cash returns and generate long-term passive monthly income streams for our qualified investors.


For many qualified investors, oil and gas investing is a welcome complement to low-yielding fixed-return bonds, volatile stocks, or real estate and private equity investments that involve the use of leverage to achieve a desired return on equity.

A word from Greg Hillman:

I am your trusted resource for qualified oil and gas investing in the energy industry, having spent more than two decades representing individual private equity partners, family offices and private partner groups. I’ve assisted partners to discover and produce more than 15 million barrels of oil and 500 billion cubic feet of natural gas.

Through decades of significant industry and global changes regarding oil and gas investment strategies and technological changes that have altered the energy space, I am your eyes and ears at the forefront of the industry. I’m dedicated to helping qualified oil and gas investors play a role in achieving energy independence for the United States.

Connect with me to receive specialized oil and natural gas investment services, including:

  • lease banking
  • overriding royal interest acquisition
  • acquiring producing properties
  • developmental drilling programs
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Greg Hillman, Vice President
Office: 214.758.0880
Mobile: 214.566.4387

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Currently Full: OKLAHOMA #37

Six wells in a prime locations drilled by Continental and Coterra:

The Oklahoma #37, LP will drill six wells targeting the Woodford formation of the Oklahoma SCOOP play:

The Oklahoma SCOOP is among the most active and productive oil and gas plays in North America

Continental and Coterra are among the most prolific and dependable Oklahoma operators

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oklahoma partnerships,oklahoma oil boom,oklahoma scoop,south central oklahoma oil province,woodford,mississippian


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