Pioneer CEO Scott Sheffield is putting a $100 Target on Brent Crude

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Brent Crude oil prices will break $90 and approach $100 per barrel by the end of the year says Pioneer CEO Scott Sheffield.

From Business Insider:

Brent crude oil will be around $100 per barrel by the end of the year, Pioneer CEO Scott Sheffield has predicted.

Oil has been rangebound over the last five or six months, Sheffield said, although Chinese demand is picking up

“I think that what we’ll see…. Brent will break $90 this summer and climb back up to $100 sometime in the second half of the year.” He expects WTI to be in the low $90s by the end of the year.

Despite the calls for $100 oil, Pioneer’s CEO reiterated that capital discipline is still the name of the game, adding that its shareholders haven’t changed their view on that. “We see no change at all,” Pioneer CEO Scott Sheffield told Bloomberg today.

“We had a record year in ’22. We had about $8.4 billion in free cashflow. We returned $8 billion of it back to the investors in regard to both dividends and buybacks—no change at all.”

Sheffield said nothing has changed, and it’s just business as usual, with Pioneer set up to grow 5% per year, after flat production last year. Pioneer put out guidance for about 3-3.5%, Sheffield said, although he expects Pioneer will beat that.

The status quo with regards to capital discipline comes despite his outlook at higher oil prices by the end of the year, and despite chastisement from the White House to the oil industry at large over the lack of investments and production while crude oil and gasoline prices were higher last year.

Last month, Sheffield said that OPEC would likely cut production again, with Saudi Arabia unlikely to allow Brent to stay at $75 per barrel. Since then, Brent prices have risen to $82, and Russia announced a 500,000 bpd cut starting next month.

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Brent crude oil will be around $100 per barrel by the end of the year, Pioneer CEO Scott Sheffield has predicted.

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